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Friday, March 15, 2013

Goodbye To You, Google Reader

So have you heard the news? Google has been up to there old tricks...meaning they've gone and "improved" some things. Google def has a history of constantly changing and evolving. If you don't like on of there sites, just wait and there either change it or close it. This has happened with youtube, gmail, android and even Blogger. Their newest thing in that they are closing google reader! Really, why would they want to do that. I guess the logically answer is that it isn't paying for its sell anymore. To be a 1000% honest i never really used it a whole lot because i don't like the why it works. When you are a blogger you have to give and take. You read other peoples blog, you get inspired, you comment then repeat...using your new found inspiration however you'd like. Google reader leaves one step out...the commenting. Looking at the feed of an item makes the content accessible enough that you don't need to actually go to the blog....and not going to the site means no commenting.

Commenting is super important when blogging. Most importantly, it lets people know that you/your blog exists! It also helps set the tone of your blog. If your friendly and open people will think of your blog as welcoming, If your rude or pushy, people will probably skip your blog. But no matter how you'd like to comment, google reader doesn't give that option, you'd have to go to each separate blog.

So as you can see.... im not totally sad about it closing on July first....but i am wondering about what people will do if they do depend on google reader. Is google going to announce some sort of alternative or a new service?

Since i've started blogging, i've been using bloglovin. It lists all of the blogs your following and when you click to view, it bring you to the original post thats inside a bloglovin frame. So you can comment and etc, then just click next on the frame. It's much easier in my opinion. :) Here's my page if you're curios.

What are your feelings on Reader closing? What alternative are you going to use?

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