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Monday, March 25, 2013

Green Beauty Collab: Products I'd Repurchase

Before i get into my list, i wanted to send a big thanks to Brianna over at ILuvJesse444 for coming up with the idea and organizing! Also, thanks to all the other bloggers in the community here for being so sweet and inspirational. Be sure to check out the posts from all the other bloggers doing this collab, here's the full list!

Ok, so i don't really like to spend my money on "commercial" products because I have trust issues and they tend to be expensive. So most of the things i use are either homemade by myself or bought from a person on etsy/artfire. Every once in a while i will buy from a big company, and if i actually like it enough to be repurchased, it's probably either AMAZING or hard to So, on to the list.

#5. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in the shade of Strawberry - This is the very last thing on the list for two reasons. While i LOVE the stuff and wish i could just buy without having a care, i do care. There is lead in the formulation (according to the FDA). :O  Shocking for such a natural company. While it is apparently a very small amount, it still worries me. Other, normal, lipsticks are reported to have even more than Burt's Bees and still have only a tiny trace amount... None of these lipsticks are considered harmful though because there just isn't enough lead in them to consider them so. Apparently. Another thing that concerns me about this lipstick is that they aren't wholly cruelty free. I mean they are leaping bunny approved...but their parent company is not. This sort of reminds me of Tom's of Maine. See why i have trust But anyway, if i can look past those two issues, i would love to buy the lip shimmer in another color besides Strawberry. I really do love the consistence and amount of pigment. It also does AWESOME for chapped lips.

#4. Blush in the shade of Anger from RagdollsBeauty (artfire). This is the prettiest lil pink i've ever seen in a blush. I ordered the blogger review pack and this was in it (along with some other things i'll be mentioning). The color is very light with a bit a shimmer. I have really fair skin and this really does look awesome on my cheeks.

#3. Another item that came from RagdollsBeauty was a Lip Crayon in the shade Sweet and Sour. This is one of the most awesome products i found for my lips. The consistence is very dry and hard so when you wear it it looks very natural. It doesn't really shimmer or anything. It really just looks like your lips have changed Another thing i love about it is that it didn't come off on cups/straws etc. That's one thing that really embarrasses me. I usually wear a chapstick over night, then exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub them apply the crayon. It's awesome. :) This was in the blogger pack, so it was randomly choose. I def look forward to buying it in different shades.

#2. Yet another item i LOVE in the RagDollsBeauty line is the Esme eyeshadow. Yes, it's twilight themed! Amazing. Even if it wasn't i'd def buy it. Its a sparkling coppery brownish mauve color... Wow's, its hard to describe... but its gorgeous. She sent a eye primer and when used together, it stayed put for a long time and looked great!

#1. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Almond Honey. Well this stuff worked pretty good... I mean it just did what all scrubs There is nothing super special about it. The reason i would repurchase is because it's inexpensive, very accessible and it smells good. I just got this a Walmart but I've seen it at target too. So that means i can just buy waiting 2-3 weeks for shipping or paying shipping costs. Scrubs are so easy to make i just don't like buying from online and paying double and waiting a long time. This tree hut one is cheap enough to justify buy it..its convenient! lol. I've heard that it smells very strong and sort of fake-ish...and i have to agree. I like the smell because it's like my fave scent...but i could def see how some people may find it too much. They have a different scent i'm buying when this one is gone: it's called Hawaiian Kukui. It smells amazing...less intense than Honey and Almond. I asked the sales person if i could open to smell it and she said

With Love,

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  1. Short and sweet list. This is the first time I read about RagDollsBeauty. :)

    Regarding lead, surprisingly, a lot of products really contain it. You know how some lip products use, for example, beetroot powder as natural coloring? Eventhough it's natural, it might have minute traces of lead depending on where the beets were harvested as most soil is already contaminated. In the end, it's just the level of contamination that seems to matter. :(

  2. It's a shame about the lead in Burts bees, they have some nice products but I am always a bit wary when the parent brand isn't green/natural. Great post! x

  3. Love your list! I'm agree - homemade or handmade before commercial products :) Still loving the sound of the Tree Hut scrub, sounds good enough to eat! xx


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