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Monday, December 31, 2012


Welcome to my blog!

I've been totally loving and living all natural for like...ever, but it never occurred to me to blog about it! I didn't know people would care. I usually push all my "natural stuff" onto my friends and family... but if blogging helps me to spread my love even more, I'm all for it!

I'm not sure where all this profound love came from but i guess i'll try to give you a mini history lesson! In high school (which was a long time i was very into vitamins and supplements. I have always been pretty weakish with little energy and such, and by the time i got into high school, i was pretty much sick of it! So i looked into vitamins and herbs as a way to try to remedy my issue. I've always eaten pretty healthy, so i really thing the natural stuff was kind of like a last straw attempt at trying to feel better.

When i first started i did a ton load of research on how each herb/vitamin affected the body. After countless weekends of research i had "formulated" my own regimen to use. At that time, I didn't have a job so i couldn't really afford to by a pound of ginger or ginseng, so i wasn't able to stay very consistent with my program. Even though i was take half or a quarter of the things that was recommended by online herbalist, i was still showing improvement. That was awesome until i graduated and decided to go into the Navy.

Aww, good ol boot camp. Let's just say you cant take herbs in boot camp.... or vitamins or anything. Well, i ended up passing out...a bunch during the physical training and almost drowned during the swim test. I ultimately ended up getting discharged from the Navy and after some subsequent doctor visits, i was diagnosed with a "leaky" heart valve aka Mitral Valve Prolapse. sigh. While im sure there are lots of prescriptions and/or procedures that could be of benefit, i've decided to tackle my problem myself.

So anyway, i my quest to take care of my body and to try to remain super health, i have been really into all things healthy! That includes natural beauty, natural/whole foods, exercise, herbs. etc. I am even adapting my sweet lil doggie to all natural stuff. Try to convert my boyfriend to...but he's strong willed. lol Also, you any readers have questions about going all natural, please do ask! Just leave a comment below or email me at margaretskipper007 at

Ok so now let's talk about what you can find here on my blog:

  • First off, i am going to school for my Naturopathic Doctorate Degree so you may find some posts about school related stuff like research and/or medical info.
  • Next, im really into fitness, yoga, pilates, eating raw and etc. So you may find posts about creating a healthy lifestyle.
  • Next, I absolutely love companies that make all natural products (makeup, pet stuff, cleaning stuff, etc), so you can expect some reviews.
  • One thing i am very much into is natural skin care. If you are trying to take care of your skin but using toxic ingredients, you are actually making things worse. So i will try to discuss many things on natural beauty.
  • I also plan on touching on a few of my hobbies as well. That includes crafty, photography, traveling, couponing, and cooking.
  • I also plan on doing some very basic posts like hauls, tags, giveaways, tutorials and Q&A.

Well i think that's a super huge first post so i guess i'll leave it there for now! Please leave and questions or requests in the comments.


Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate all my comments! :)