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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Featured: My New Jewelry/Makeup Cabinet

Recently i've been looking for a storage solution for my makeup, jewelry and other beauty type stuff. I used to live in Phoenix and i had all my stuff sorted and organized. When i moved here (Louisiana) I only brought what would fit in my Volkswagen, which wasn't a lot. Since i've been here i accumulated some stuff and it's been driving me huts not to have a specific place to put it. We have the bathroom....but that honestly feels kind of gross... I dont want to sit in the bathroom and do make up... :/ So i've been on the lookout for some time of solution.

My first attempt, as always, was to look online at other peoples ideas. I watched a bunch of youtube where people talk about makeup/jewelry storage. (I love those sorts of videos!) From the inspiration there i sort of decided that i wanted a pretty vanity and some sort of acrylic draws. After looking online and stores like pier one and etc, i decided i'd rather go with antique or vintage. The styles just look better to me. I decided to go to the Antique Village here in town to see what they had to offer. After browsing for about 5 minutes, i found it!

This was the perfect piece. It was painted a Victorian grey with white accents. The mirror folded down to transform it into a desk. It was beautiful. To sweeten the pot, it came with a matching dresser, Jewelry armorie, and nightstand. Unfortunately, for all 4 pieces it was like $750... I honestly think it was worth that, but i didn't want to spend all my money at once.If i just bought the Vanity it was $250... Which was too bad. My bf however said that the furniture was "made for oompa loompas". Sigh, i guess with him being over six foot, they seemed pretty small. With much chagrin, i kept walking and didn't buy.

I felt pretty sad for the first day because i felt like i lost out on a great set. I checked craigslist a few days ago, just as fun, and found another amazing piece. This one was light oak and classified as a jewelry armoire. It had four large draws on the bottom as well as bigger open section up top. All the drawers were lined in velvet and the doors had little hooks for necklaces. Its was totally gorgeous. It took a few moments to ditch the idea of the vanity, but once i went to see it i knew it'd be perfect. It has plenty of space for all my makeup, jewelry, skin/beauty products, and raw supplies. So, i bought it....what can i say, it was perfect!

I haven't really been able to set it up and decide on my organizing yet, but im excited to get started! I don't keep an awful lot of stuff, so everything should fit awesomely. I'll post up some photos once i have everything setup. My favorite part is the little necklace hooks and the "hide-able" mirror.

Thanks for coming by! So, what kind of organization solutions do you use? :D

With Love,

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