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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beauty Haul: Walmart

I had to go out today and pick up some dog food and treats for my bird. Since Walmart is right across from petsmart, i decided to stroll in. BAM, the beauty section is pretty much right there in front, blocking the whole store from view. It's like rather impossible for me not to at least take a little peak! Then i decided to pick some things out. Well hey, I do distinctly remember my boyfriend saying "Here, have this twenty and buy yourself something nice". So, i bought myself 3 nice things! mhm.

First Impressions

The first thing I picked up (for $2.97) is from Burt's Bees. It's the "new" (or new to me) lip shimmer stick in the shade of strawberry. Its a very lovely light pink color. I suspect once its on, it will probably not show up much but rather just add a sheen. I guess that depends on how shear the color is. Since I haven't used it before, I'm not sure if it will be like tinted lip balm or actual opaque lip gloss.

Mt first knowledge of these lip shimmers came from a visit to Walgreens about a week ago. I always thought of Burts Bees as just lip balm, but to my surprise, i noticed there is soo much more. I cant quite remember the price at Walgreens, but i know it was more than Walmart, so im glad i waited a few days! It feels very menthol-ish on my lips as well as smells and tastes it. My dog is sniffy my lips with a concerned look on his face...i hope my boyfriend doesn't have that reaction! lol. While standing close to the mirror i can definitely see the color on my lips and a pink sheen. I stepped back about 4 feet and i could still see the shade. So i like it so far. I guess the real test now is too see how long before it wears off and how my lips feel after wearing if for a few days.

Next item I got is a Eco Tools EcoPouf dual cleansing pad. I originally saw this on the web and have been thinking about it for a few weeks. When i saw it at walmart for less than a dollar (89 cents), i knew i had to have it! One side of it is like your average pouf. When you flip it over, it's sort of like the texture of a loofah. It also has a like elastic handle that flips back a forth so you can hold it easier!

My first impressions of this, once i held it in my hands, was the quality. The pouf is very tight and durable feeling. You know how some poufs are like...all loose and the fibers are too soft? Well that's not this. This one is very firm feeling. I can definitely see it doing some good scrubin. The loofah side seems almost rough...not sure if it's too rough, but i hope not. It says on the label that it is a 100% recycled sponge! :D I can't wait to use it!

Last thing i grab was the Pineapple Enzyme cleaning towelettes by Alba Botanica for $5.48. I've never used these before or anything from this brand, so i'll be excited to see how i like it. The package claims that these wipes are 3-in-1: makeup remover, cleanser, and toner. Well, to be honset, that's why i bought them. I thought this would be easier than like 3 seperate products. But i guess i'll have to see. I don't always trust "combo" products... Shampoo plus Conditioner never did wonders for me.

The smell of these are very light but pleasant. It's like a fresh fruit smell: oranges and pineapples. The texture of the wipe itself is very thick and strong. I did have a bit of a problem closing the pack back, but thats my own clumsiness. After i wiped off all my face and inspected the towelette, i hardly noticed any dirt... I wasn't wearing makeup, but i would have thought there was something there. Now that my face is dry, it feels sort of odd like there is a coating or residue on it. Maybe i should read the this the purpose? Well, the packaging says no residue... so maybe this needs more extensive testing. Let me get my lab coat. hehe.

Well, let me know if you've tried any of these...What did you think? I'll post up a full review after i've tested them fully! :)

With Love,

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